Interface drawing

What my interface is made up of

Picture drawn on 17th March 2017, interface may have changed since this drawing was created.

Doc 9 Apr 2017, 8-05 am




Today I learnt that in Australia, your work is automatically copyrighted once you create it…and it’s free!

This means that no one can use your work without your permission. I think this is really great, especially for young artists.

Creative Commons

Creative commons licenses allow you to use other peoples work legally, as well as offer up your own. You can create your creative commons easily online via Hey, even this blog has a creative commons license as you can see on the left of this page.  So quote away readers, quote away.

Copyright resources

RMIT provides students with a copyright quick guide on blogging. Perfect for when you’re a little lost.

Additionally, here is a creative commons licensed video on creative commons licenses:


I think ethics are really important when it comes to blogging. This is because blogs are often directed by one person’s individual opinion. The important thing to do is ensure your opinion cannot be taken as derogative or hurtful.

This means being considerate of others and not defaming someone’s character or a religion, gender, sexuality, race, etc.

If you do, you must take personal responsibility for it and understand that there can be repercussions. In the case of cyberbullying or slander, these could be legal. However, legalities shouldn’t scare you out of it, you shouldn’t really be doing it in the first place.

If you are taking on a negative argument make sure that you are backed up by facts. No one appreciates a blogger spreading accusations without evidence.

Lastly, be original. Don’t steal content, it’s not cool. If you do make sure you have permission and credit the author or the content is licensed under creative commons.

Safe blogging, stay ethical.