Wednesday: social for business

On Wednesday, I spent the day at work and the night at an event for my Internship.

I used:

  • Emails
  • Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook
  • ANZ GoMoneyAU
  • Uber
  • iMessage & Wattsapp
  • Google

At the event, my role was documenting what was happening via social media. I did this through two Instagram posts and Instagram stories. I also had to reply to any posts or stories where we were mentioned so that we were engaging with our audience.

I posted two Instagrams, one towards the start of the night and one towards the end. This created an introduction and conclusion to the event, which would also provide further context for the stories. To post an Instagram photo I took hundreds of images the company’s iPhone 7, filtered through them to find the ‘shot’, selected it on the app and adjusted the brightness and contrast to make it look more ‘insta ready’. I then added a caption, tagging the company’s we worked with – as you can see  below. I posted it, which made me the author and publisher of the work, even though it was distributed under the company’s Instagram. Therefore, they own it.
We used Instagram because we find that it is the best platform for our demographic: Females aged 25-50 y/o’s interested in fashion.

We hoped by uploading to our Instagram, potential business partners would see that we do events and thus would be great to collaborate with and potential students would perceive us as an education facility that provides great opportunities.

The more we post, we find that we increase our follower account. With that, means frequency and reach within our followers. You never know when a post will suddenly ‘hit’ a follower and cause action.