Analysis: Reflection

So, reflecting time.

This blog post will be a reflection of the other analysis blog posts and look at what I can use and work on for my essay.
I’d like to explore why I consume and utilise online media more than I engage or publish on it more in this essay. I will look at when I do publish and distribute and why it ‘makes the cut’ over other thoughts, work or images.

After completing the documentation process, I realise that I’m more likely to post online for work. Additionally, when I’m looking things online or using apps I’m interacting with businesses. Thus, it seems I’m engaging more with businesses that can help me in one way or another rather than my personal social media.

Leading on from this, I could look at the importance of online media and why we think we need it to live. This was evident in my evaluation that I used online media to assist me with things I see as important. I’m not sure how I would be able to do these things without it. This included studying, getting home from a night out and completing work.

The final question I wanted to address in this blog post is: ‘Is your writing critical enough?’. The answer is probably not. I think I touch on key elements but don’t explore them in depth or look at them with a critical perspective, instead of just personal. I will aim to do this more in my essay.


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