Analysis: Evidence

Over a period of 7 days in week 5 of the RMIT semester, I documented my online media usage.

The documentation was used to observe and reflect on how I interact with online media, including authoring, publishing and distributing content.

Each day I would reflect on the day before by listing all the online media I used. This included social media, apps, emails – basically anything that used the internet.  To make this process easier I broke the days up by what I did, e.g. on the way to work, at work, on the way home, before dinner, after dinner. This helped me remember each platform I used and why. However, I did not write this out in my blog documentation.

After this process, I would evaluate what I what forms of online media I used the most/were the most helpful to me that day. I would then expand this form, describing what it was, how I used it and why I used it. Often the why came before the how, because it felt more natural that way. I also often used step by step guides or dot points to outline how I used that particular form of online media.

I also mentioned how and if I authored, distributed or published anything using these forms of media. It was rare that I did anything more than engage.

Each blog post had a different focus, which was illustrated through their titles. This allowed me to have a broader understanding of the online media forms I used, as I could look at multiple forms and compare the different reasons I used them.

The documentation will assist me in writing my final essay.


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