Analysis: Evaluation

In this blog post I will start evaluating my online media use, which will be further explored in the essay.

I consumed, a lot 

Every day I checked my social channels more times than I’d like to admit. Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat was not just my go-to time filler, it was habit. I found myself opening these apps without even making a conscious decision to do so.

I hardly even engaged in these platforms, except for two days where I posted photos on Instagram. I rarely commented on Instagram posts, sent out snapchats or posted status’s. I think the only ‘engagement’ I had with Facebook was clicking attending to a 21st invite. Its strange that while I was so seemingly obsessed with social media, I didn’t actively engage with it.

Other forms of online media I consumed often acted as down time. This included watching TV (on Stan or Netflix) and listening to Spotify. While they could be addicting, I found that I felt like I needed them at the end of a busy day to relax. Reading a book (which I do like doing) and going for a walk seemed like too much effort, but perhaps would have relaxed and calmed me down more.

Distribution isn’t my thing 

I found that I preferred consuming rather than creating content. Even when I did author something, I rarely distributed it. Even when it came to work I completed at my internship, it was distributed online by another party.

I think this and my lack of activity on social media is because I don’t have an urge to engage. But why is this, if I’m supposedly living in a generation obsessed with sharing their every thought and movement online? My friends are the same, most don’t post much except a simply Instagram post every few weeks. Maybe my friends and I over shared when we were younger, who knows, but I definitely think this needs exploring.

I struggle to function without online media 

Wow. That’s a scary thought. However, it is true.

I used it to figure out when my train was coming so I could leave the house at the wright time. I used it to get me home late at night. I used it to pay for food, accomodation, movie tickets, etc. I used it to listen to music, watch tv, relax. I couldn’t complete any of my uni work without it. I used it to plan a trip. I used it to communicate with my friends. I used it to communicate in a professional setting. I used it to take and share photos.

If I did the same documentation process over 7 days but without online media, I wonder how I’d go. Would I get less or more done? Would I fail at life without it? Could I communicate without it? Who knows, maybe I should find out some time.


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