Tuesday: a bit of this, a bit of that

On Tuesday, I spent the day at my part time retail job at Sportsgirl. I was able to get home to do a little bit of studying and ended the night by going to the movies  with my friends.

I didn’t use many forms of online media. The ones I did use were:

  • Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook
  • Google docs
  • Lido Cinemas website
  • ANZ GoMoney AU
  • iMessage & WhatsApp
  • WordPress

Most of the online media I used on Tuesday were in relation to my social outing. I organised going to the movies on a group WhatApp. I asked if anyone wanted to see Beauty and The Beast since it had just come out. I had a few takers for the 6:30 session at Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn, so that was that.

I decided to book the tickets online since it was a Tuesday, therefore the tickets are cheaper and the film had only just come out. I thought it may have been a busy night.

To buy the tickets I took these steps:

  1. Went to the Lido Cinemas website
  2. Clicked on the link ‘buy tickets’, followed by ‘films + times’ link
  3. Scrolled down to find the session I wanted
  4. Selected 4 concession tickets
  5. Selected our seats
  6. Popped in my card details
  7. Got a confirmation email

Then, I simply messaged ‘done!’ to the group WhatsApp and all participants were ready to go.

Once we were at the cinema, I sent a quick ‘where are you guys at’ message in the WhatsApp to see how far away they were. This is because I don’t like being alone in public and the data usage on my phone was way over the limit – ah, the perks of being a part of the digital generation. Thankfully, they were there within minutes.

I walked up to the booth, showed the lady at the counter the tickets that were attached in the conformational email that was sent and we were off.

Online booking, making the cinema process extremely streamline.


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