Monday: study time

I spent Monday at home, dedicating my time to finishing an assignment.
I used the following media sources:

  • Looked at Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook throughout the day
  • Checked personal & student emails
  • Went on MyRMIT & blackboard
  • Google search
  • Used Google Scholar & RMIT University Library
  • iMessage & Whatsapp
  • Spotify

The assignment was for my class ‘New perspectives in popular culture’ and was an 1,000 word essay on the exploitation of fans by franchises.

I had already picked my focus: Hollywood film industry. To start work on the assessment I went to google, typed in a very broad term ‘film franchises exploit their fanbase’ and expected to get no results but I actually found some good links with useful information, including a case study – George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise.

I used the knowledge to search for information using the RMIT University Library database and Google Scholar, as my essay was not going seem well informed without scholarly or peer reviewed references. This was a process that took all day, as I had to search variations of phrases I thought would give me the information I needed, then look through the sources, then find something I could reference. Often I couldn’t find anything, so I had to do this process over and over again. Additionally, I kept writing paragraphs and finding out I needed more evidence to back up point.

I used the MyRMIT library search more than Google Scholar because I found it easier to use and I had more confidence in the sources. However, Google Scholar is a good platform to look up the reference you are using to see if/how many people have cited it and therefore get a better grasp of it’s a credible source or not.
It wasn’t due on Monday night so I didn’t submit it straight away. When I did, however, I went to the class’ blackboard portal on MyRMIT, clicked the assessments link which took me to turnitin which is where I uploaded and handed in my assessment. While I authored the essay, I did not publish or distribute it anywhere online, except the turnitin portal.


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