Sunday: a day of rest…and binging

This was the first Sunday I’d had off in months and I wanted to spend it doing the bare minimum.

These are the forms of online media I used:

  • Messaged friends on Whatsapp
  • Checked Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat reguraly
  • Went on the ANZ app ‘goMoney AU’ to check how much money I had spent the night before…it was much more than I had budgeted for
  • Posted a post for Saturday’s media usage on this blog
  • Watched the TV show Younger on Stan

The whole day I only authored watts app messages. I spent most of the day watching the TV show Younger on the streaming site Stan. I simply went on to the Stan website, logged on, selected the TV show and mindlessly watched. The show is about a 40 y/o woman who pretends to be a 26 y/o so she can get a job, and follows her as her lie spins out of control. The episodes are only 25 minutes, so it’s extremely easy to binge and I ended up watching all of season three.

This was me:

Image: Penny on The Big Bang Theory, season 2, episode 3, titled ‘The Barbarian Sublimation’

I’m a pretty dedicated Netflix user, however my friend had recommended Younger to me which you can only watch on Stan. The site gifts new users to the first month free, so I signed up specifically to watch the show.

After I finished all the episodes that were available on Sunday night, I deleted my account so I didn’t have to pay for the service. It’s probably not healthy or cost efficient to be using two streaming services at the one time. I stuck with Netflix because I find it easier to use and I like the shows it offers more.

I spent the vast majority of the day watching the TV show because I have had an extremely busy few weeks and really wanted to chill out and not use any brain cells! I like watching Younger because you don’t have to think too much. It has the right amount of drama and comedy, without being too intense. I also like it because the episodes are shorter than most of the TV shows around these days, therefore you don’t have to sit down for a full 50 minutes each time you start an episode.


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