Saturday: social media frenzy

On Saturday the main form of online media I used was social media. I only used a few other forms of online media compared to most days as I was busier than usual. These were:

  • iMessage
  • Whatsapp
  • Uber
  • ANZ GoMoneyAU app

As usual, I regularly checked and scrolled through my Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. I also uploaded a photo to Instagram and posted a few snapchat stories:



The Instagram photo was made from scratch. I had a friend take a picture of my friend and I (as above) on my iPhone 6, edited the colouring on the editing app vscocam with the filter ‘C1’, saved the image to my camera roll, uploaded it to Instagram, tagged my friend Eilwen, threw a few emojis in as a caption and published it.

While I didn’t distribute the photo anywhere else I sent it to Eilwen through iMessage and she posted it on her own Facebook, making her a publisher.

With Instagram photos like this, the question that arises is:
Who is the author?

I edited and distributed the image, however, someone else took the photo. Does this make them the owner? Should they get credit? Something interesting that needs exploring further.

So, why did I post this photo? I like documenting memories and I think Instagram is a great place for me to look back and see my highlights reel. I like being able to post photos of my friends and know that friends and family can also see them.

In saying this, I am not immune to the high that instant gratification on Instagram gives you and the unhealthy need to show people you’re having fun. While I’m aware of this my use of social media will not change in the near future because of the above reason.


To upload the snapchat stories the process was much less thought out. I simply opened snapchat when I thought something funny had happened, took a photo, wrote a caption and posted it to ‘my story’. Unlike Instagram, I took the image and therefore I am both the author and distributor.

So, when my friend showed me how she makes kombucha from home I thought it was hilarious and had to document it and distribute it to my friends. I only have my close friends on snapchat, so I find it a great platform for sharing random bits and bobs to a small pool of people who will appreciate it.

This will not be published anywhere else. The 24 hrs longevity of snapchat posts means that when I put things on snapchat it’s usually because I don’t care too much about preserving them. It’s just a quick moment that I’d like to share.


2 thoughts on “Saturday: social media frenzy”

  1. Hello,

    I’m commenting as part of my Tuesday tute activities.

    I’ve noticed the format of your posts is very easy to follow. You outline everything you did in dot-point form, and then go into more detail about your motivations and reasons.


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