Friday: Google it

On Friday I went to uni and my internship, so most of my day was spent doing work.

These are the forms of online media I used:

  • TramTracker & PTV apps
  • WordPress
  • Used Google docs
  • Went on website of client to get content
  • Read & wrote emails on gmail
  • Listened to Spotify
  • Checked LinkedIn – accepted request
  • iMessage & Whatsapp


I spent a lot of time online at my internship. I was working on a collaborative project with a co-worker so we decided to use a google doc to easily combine our work.

To do this I signed in to my personal google account, opened my google drive, opened a new google doc and shared it with my co-worker through her email account. In the google doc, we worked on a bio for the owner of the company we work at, a bio for our workplace (Australian Style Institute) and a write up for an event we were working on. This was all content written to be published on a website that provided people information about this event.

Once we had finished, we also shared google doc with our boss so she could read it and make sure it was ready to use. Then, she saved the document as a file and sent it to the company we were working with so they could publish it to their website. She sent it via gmail. This meant that I (with help) authored the work, however someone else distributed and published it.

We used google docs because it was easy to work on collaboratively, especially while we were sitting together and spitting out ideas. If one of us said something, the other would write it down. It makes it much easier for both parties when you can both see and work on a document. It also made it extremely easy to share it with our boss, so she could add anything if needed before we finalised it.

Having a google account is great because you can use the one account for a lot different programs, such as gmail, google drive and calendar.


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