Thursday: Travel planning

On Thursday, I went to my internship, uni and to a friends place. Throughout the day I used all these forms of online media:

  • TramTracker & PTV apps to see how far away my trams & trains were
  • Listened to music on Spotify
  • Scrolled through Instagram & Facebook
  • Checked & replied to emails on gmail
  • Went on clients website at work
  • Accepted request on LinkedIn
  • Used MYRMIT, Library Search, Google searches to participate in class
  • Texted friends on iMessage and Whatsapp

Most of my media use was when I went to my friends house.
First, I used the maps app on my iPhone 6 to remind myself out how to get there. I put in her address from my house, and followed the route.

I was going there to book accomodation for when we go to Italy together in July. First, we googled ‘best areas to stay in Florence’ and repeated for Rome. We clicked on a few of the sites that google suggested. These were mostly blogs and they provided insight into the where the best areas to stay when travelling were. We did this so we could then progress to finding accomodation, as it helps to search specific areas on most accomodation sites.

For all places we wanted to stay, we looked up AirBnb, Hostel World & This was so that we could compare costs, proximity to main areas we want to see and functionality of places.

The search process was similar for all three sites. AirBnb is for privately listed houses, appartments, rooms, etc. We put in in the location, dates, number of guests and price range to limit our search. We could also move the map to zone in on a certain area. Once we found some places that fit our criteria, we looked at reviews, scrolled through the photos provided and read the description. We found a place that would work for us in Florence and were able to book it straight away. My friend booked this one, and sent a request to me so I could add it to ‘my trip’, which is a seperate section on your own AirBnb account. I had to use my ANZ ‘GoMoney AU’ app to transfer her money to pay for my half of the accomodation price.

Hostel World is specifically for finding hostels. On the home page, you type in the area you’re looking at, dates you wish to stay and number of guests. You are able to filter the price, type of room, facilities, rating, type of building and payment. For some reason, we left these blank and did a regular search. We eventually found a place we liked and booked. I had to put in details, such as name, age and email address of all the people we were going with. Then, I put through my credit card details to pay for it. I also forwarded the booking confirmation email to my friends.

Whilst we looked at accomodation on , the site is less easier to use than AirBnb and HostelWorld. The process of finding the right accomodation was much quicker on the other sites, therefore we didn’t book anything through It also came across a lot less trustworthy due to the cluttered, colourful look of the site.


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