Why tagging matters in the online environment?

Tagging matters in the online environment because it allows individuals to find the content their looking for. Through tags people can find news articles, people on social media, images of places around the word, online communities, or even blog posts such as this.


The blog sharing site bloglovin’ uses tags extremely well.  As you can see below, the site breaks up blog posts into categories such as Art, Travel, Beauty and Design. This means users can find what type of posts they’re looking for. If the tag they want isn’t listed, they can also search it in the search bar. Authors of blogs can tag their own posts, therefore they are deciding where potential readers find them. They can also use multiple tags, so they don’t have to pigeonhole their posts and can reach a larger audience.

Bloglovin’ also categorises blogs through tags, as you can see here. This means users can find whole sites dedicated to a topic, instead of just one post. These link directly to the blogs so users can read as much, or as little, content as they want.

The tagging process

  1. Edit a blog post
  2. Go to post settings
  3. Click on categories & tags
  4. Go to the tag heading
  5. In the box underneath write all the tags you wish to use, separated by a comma.
  6. Voila, your post is tagged.

This means I can easily find what I’m looking for on my blog, such as my extremely informative how to’s.


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